Firestarter is the story of Molly, a short, pyromaniacal wizard, who really just wants to be left alone.  Molly is a deeply troubled young lady with enough baggage to outfit a cruise ship, some spectacularly unreliable magical powers, and serious financial woes.  At the beginning of Firestarter, Molly has escaped a rather troubled childhood, and in order to raise tuition for her first semester of college, she has taken on some rather less than legal jobs for some questionable individuals.  Our story begins with Molly running for her life though Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and the situation generally devolves from there. While sometimes humorous, Firestarter is a very dark story, and if you are easily offended or thin-skinned, you probably shouldn’t be reading it.  Molly’s vernacular is colorful enough to shame most sailors, and if you have a problem with cursing, you’re going to have a problem with her narration.  If that doesn’t dissuade you, I hope you enjoy the story.

Firestarter is set in a world superficially similar to our own, though differences will rapidly become apparent as you progress through the story.

Firestarter began in August of 2014, and is expected to continue for at least a year, possibly longer depending on how the story unfolds and the level of interest in it.  The story updates every Saturday.  Firestarter’s timeline loosely follows our own.  Firestarter is divided into chapters, with most of them written from Molly’s perspective.  Occasionally, another character may chime in, but this is Molly’s story, and it will chiefly be told from the perspective of her and her friends.


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  1. Lorico

    I enjoyed firestarter. As the last post is from 4 years ago I wanted to ask if you have stoped the series or just forgot about it? If it is the former it would be nice if you could move absolution 2.7 to the table of contents and add a note at the end that firestarter is discontinued. If it is the later then I would like to see more chapters coming up.


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