Early Access

Howdy, and welcome to the early access page.  Basically, this page exists as a bribe.  There’s a link below, if you click it, then vote for this story on Topwebfiction (It’s idiot-proof, all you do is press a button), you get early access to the next chapter.  If you’re having technical difficulties, moderately web-savvy and/or some sort of aspiring first-world anarchist, you could also circumvent the link and read the chapter without voting.  But really, you should vote, more voters means more readers, more readers means more content.  It’s also nice.  And being nice is good.  Nice people are less likely to be eaten by Grues¹.

Vote and Read the Next Chapter!

¹Nobody has ever actually proven this, since it is widely known that people who don’t apply for funding to study Grues are also less likely to be eaten by Grues


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