Interlude – Correspondence

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution – From the Front Page

Hundreds Dead After Rogue Plane Crashes Into Airport

By R. P. Fullman

Atlanta Georgia, August 10th

Yesterday morning, a rogue jetliner crashed into the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, killing hundreds and injuring hundreds more. The air traffic controller lost contact with United American flight 142, a Boeing 767 out of Miami, at 10:24 yesterday morning. The cause of the crash is unknown, eyewitnesses claim that the plane overshot the runway by several hundred yards, crashing directly into the southeast side of terminal C. The police have not provided an official count of the death toll, and refuse to confirm or deny rumors that the crash was the work of a homegrown terrorist cell. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Atlanta’s Fire Department and the National Guard, search and rescue operations are largely complete. As of this morning, more than forty people have been extricated from the rubble of the airport. Area hospitals are filled to bursting caring for victims of the crash.

If you have lost contact with a family member or loved one as a result of the crash, the police ask that you do not go to the hospital, but instead contact the Atlanta Police Zone Four. The police have set up a hotline for inquiries about missing family members or loved ones. They hope to reunite everyone with their families as quickly as possible. They have asked the Journal-Constitution to remind everyone that heading to the hospital only makes it more difficult for emergency and medical workers to do their jobs.

Early estimates suggest that as many as a thousand people may have been killed or injured in the crash, making this tragedy the second worst disaster Georgia has experienced this year. Governor Pell has promised to “Ensure Georgia never suffers another tragedy like this”. Unfortunately, in light of the events of this year, the Journal-Constitution fear his words may merely be empty promises.

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Subject: Atlanta – Damage Control

Early reports on Atlanta are in, lots of different signatures. Only evidence of Dom presence was a couple of ghouls, looks like they were actually telling the truth for once. There definitely was a demon, tentatively classed as a C3-L5. We can assume it brought down the plane, nothing else present is near that magnitude. Anyone who can bind a L5 is probably not dumb enough to be at the scene, so we’ve got to assume we’ve got a rogue DB somewhere. No evidence the L5 has major mobility, so it’s master needs to be stateside. Further analysis is attached.

Remains of a golem and several constructs at the scene, golem was destroyed by the demon, constructs damaged beyond identification in collapse of terminal. Both probably ours, but unregistered. Deny any knowledge of their intent or origin, attribute them to rogues or Ahum factions. Anyone with information about the origins of those constructs should immediately contact internal affairs.

At this time, best course is to KOS both demon and master. Deny possibility of involvement vigorously. If pressed, our suspicion is AHum or dom faction. We have no evidence of either, but it shouldn’t be possible to prove master is ours w/o confession.

We CANNOT afford another Washington. SA, Africa, and Jap are already considering splintering. Excluding apprentices, recruitment rates are actually negative.

Finally, this is another reminder to refer all inquiries from the holy church to the appropriate representative. Just because you are faithful, does not mean your brethren are. And, even the faithful would do well to remember that the church is NOT our ally in this, especially with a demon in the mix. They’ll crucify all of us if we give them the chance.

– IA



In the beginning there was nothing. Not completely of course, even at the dawn of all things there were pockets of activity, spheres of space claimed by greater things working towards inscrutable, futile, ends. The majority of us avoided such places. These little worlds were universes unto themselves, in the most primitive sense. We rushed through the void at speeds unimaginable in later eras, blazing passages from emptiness to emptiness. And so we drifted, since time immemorial, acting only to avoid collision, avoid contact, avoid destruction. We had no identity, there was no need for names or agendas. There was only self, and other. Greater, and lesser. Claimant, and trespasser.

Eventually this ordering was ended, worlds were shaped, names were given, factions were birthed. The void that preceded all things, that for a span of time almost incomprehensibly vast, even for us that had lived through it, became nothing more than a memory in the collective unconsciousness of our kind. Though it might as well have been eternity, it passed as a moment, for time held little meaning in the absence of change. There are some, who yearn for this era to come again. They are an irritable and immature sort, devouring all things, termites in the structure of creation. They are the closest equivalent among our kind to those strange humans who long to return to the womb. The silence birthed us, raised us, shaped us. Until He came and created and partitioned all things, it was all we knew.

For some, the emptiness was enough. But many of us found creation filled a hole we had not known existed, and we would sooner see ourselves destroyed than it. Others found this world intolerable, and withdrew from the world, hurtling off into infinity, seeking the purpose in motion that had once sustained them. Some found it the grandest of toys, fascinated by the phenomena of life. They made it their purpose to shepherd and protect certain outcomes of chance above others.

We have shaped the world since it’s birth. It is only now we are beginning to realize, that the world has molded us to it’s purposes, as much as we molded it to ours.

This revelation is unsettling.


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